Games go to sea, technology comes first-UCloud helps the best practice live broadcast of the overseas business

Posted May 27, 20209 min read

1 Opportunities and risks facing gaming companies

Sensor Tower store intelligence data shows that the estimated total revenue of global mobile games in the App Store and Google Play will reach US $61.7 billion in 2019, an increase of 14.8%from 2018.

Among them, the revenue from iOS is nearly 37 billion US dollars, accounting for nearly 60%of global mobile game revenue, and the revenue contributed by Google Play is 24.7 billion US dollars, accounting for 40%

In addition to the US market, among the top ten mobile game markets, the fastest growing ones include:China(14.5%), South Korea(14.7%), and Taiwan(21.4%). In the Top10 mobile game market, the Asian region occupies five places, and the United States and Asia are still the main drivers of global mobile game revenue growth.

In 2019, the actual sales revenue of China s self-developed online games overseas market was US $11.19 billion, maintaining a steady growth rate. The competitiveness of domestic games in overseas markets has become stronger, and it is expected that overseas markets will bring greater revenue in the future.

In 2019, in the regional distribution of the actual sales revenue of China's independent R & D games overseas market, the US revenue accounted for 30.9%, Japan's revenue accounted for 22.4%, South Korea's revenue accounted for 14.3%, and the three regions accounted for 67.5%.

Southeast Asia, led by Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines, is considered to be the fastest growing region in the global mobile game market. Over 95%of mobile game revenue in the entire Southeast Asian region comes from these six countries.

1.1 The game goes to sea-Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan

STRENGTHS | Advantages

Due to cultural advantages, mainland mobile game companies prefer Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan to go overseas, especially now that the mainland game version is issued more strictly. Game developers first test the acceptance of game types by players in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.

WEAKNESS | Disadvantages

The network infrastructure is relatively mature, but the geographical situation is relatively fragmented. There are public network fluctuations in the communication between Taiwan and the island. The deployment of services outside the island is likely to affect the user experience. At the same time, Taiwan has a security check and the server cannot communicate with mainland China.

OPPORTUNITIES | Opportunities

The per capita GDP of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan is at the forefront of the world. Compared with the mainland, users have a higher willingness to pay, and the per capita ARPU value in the game is higher.

THREATS | Threats

Local companies in Taiwan do not have sufficient technical capabilities to develop cloud computing. The largest operator, Chunghwa Telecom, is not entirely market-oriented. The technical capabilities and response time of engineers cannot meet the fast-paced requirements of mainland companies.

1.2 The game goes overseas-Indonesia

STRENGTHS | Advantages

The largest populous country in Southeast Asia, Indonesia has a total population of 262 million and Internet users of more than 130 million. It is the largest gaming market in Southeast Asia, with more than 100 million smartphone users, second only to China, India and the United States, ranking fourth in the world.

WEAKNESS | Disadvantages

Indonesia belongs to a Muslim country. About 87%of the population believes in Islam. The devout believers often pray. The technical capabilities and response time of engineers of local telecom operators may not necessarily meet the requirements of Chinese companies.

OPPORTUNITIES | Opportunities

Indonesia s PC Internet has not been fully popularized, and it has directly entered the era of mobile Internet. The younger population structure and huge population base, by 2021, the number of mobile game players is expected to reach 102 million.

THREATS | Threats

There are more than 17,000 islands in Indonesia, known as the country of a thousand islands, and the network infrastructure needs to be improved. The networks in Hong Kong and Singapore cannot fully cover the Indonesian mainland, which may affect the player's game experience.

1.3 The game goes to sea-Vietnam

STRENGTHS | Advantages

Vietnam has a population of over 90 million, and the popularity of free WIFI is high. Smartphones are the mainstream network access equipment, accounting for 72%of users; followed by laptops/desktops, accounting for 43%; 13%of users use tablets. Internet TV users accounted for 5%.

WEAKNESS | Disadvantages

Vietnam s trade unions are relatively strong, and workers rights awareness is strong. Technical expertise and response speed need to be strengthened.

OPPORTUNITIES | Opportunities

Vietnam is the fastest growing mobile game market in Southeast Asia, with more than 36 million players. Influenced by Chinese culture, the Three Kingdoms, Xian Xia, and Wu Xia are the most popular themes in the Vietnamese game market.

THREATS | Threats

Vietnam s Cyber Security Law stipulates that domestic and foreign companies providing Internet-related services must set up servers in Vietnam and set up offices in Vietnam. The law came into effect on January 1, 2019.

1.4 The game goes to sea-Middle East

STRENGTHS | Advantages

The Internet infrastructure in the Middle East is relatively mature, with a smartphone penetration rate of 64%. The UAE is the most popular smartphone country in the world with a penetration rate of 80.6%. In Qatar, the mobile network penetration rate exceeds 90%. Qatar Telecom(Ooredoo) has The monthly ARPU exceeds US $50.

WEAKNESS | Disadvantages

The geopolitical and religious environment is more complicated, and the distribution of games in the locality should pay attention to religious beliefs, customs and habits.

OPPORTUNITIES | Opportunities

The more economically developed countries in the Middle East:the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, and the Gulf of Saudi Arabia, with a total population of more than 50 million, per capita GDP among the highest in the world, strong consumer power, high player activity, and a low percentage of paying players Over 20%, but there are many big R players in the game.

THREATS | Threats

The geopolitical and religious environment is more complicated, and the distribution of games in the locality should pay attention to religious beliefs, customs and habits.

1.5 Games go to Africa

STRENGTHS | Advantages

There are 388 million Internet users out of a population of 1.5 billion on the African continent, of which 160 million have Facebook accounts. Mobile broadband coverage has expanded rapidly. About 60%of the population lives within the coverage of 3G and 4G signals, while 2G cellular signals have covered nearly 90%of the population.

WEAKNESS | Disadvantages

The per capita income in Africa is low, some regions in South Africa and Nigeria have higher incomes, and insufficient technical talents. Chinese companies play an important and indispensable role in the African region.

OPPORTUNITIES | Opportunities

African countries headed by South Africa, Nigeria, and Kenya have seen their mobile Internet penetration rate increase year by year. The friendly exchanges between China and African countries for decades have given Chinese companies a certain advantage in developing in Africa.

THREATS | Threats

Africa s network infrastructure is underdeveloped, the network quality is poor, and there are deficiencies in local communication technology and personnel training.

2. Detailed explanation of UCloud's overseas product advantages

2.1 Global layout

UCloud's global computer room covers a wide area. The main areas are:

China:Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Taipei, Kaohsiung

Asia Pacific:Tokyo, Seoul, Bangkok, Singapore, Jakarta, Ho Chi Minh City, Manila

Europe and America:Los Angeles, Washington, Moscow, Frankfurt, London

South Asia:Mumbai

Middle East:Dubai

South America:Sao Paulo


The construction of overseas computer rooms basically covers the countries or regions along the Belt and Road , serves customers' products in local countries or regions, and provides better and more stable network access.

For laws and regulations of different countries or regions, for example:

(1) Vietnam's "Network Security Law" requires that the business be deployed locally in Vietnam, otherwise APP products will not be allowed to provide services in Vietnam;

(2) Taiwan s Taiwan s security review policy, and mainland Chinese game companies, require that the game business cannot be deployed in Hong Kong or mainland China;

In response to these policies, UCloud can avoid such risks for customers in the local computer room.

2.2 PathX global acceleration

Global Dynamic Acceleration(PathX) is a network acceleration product dedicated to improving the quality of applications accessed globally. After using PathX, with the help of forwarding clusters distributed around the world, users in various regions can access nearby and forward the request back to the source through PathX, which effectively avoids the problems of slow response and packet loss caused by congestion of multinational networks.

Relying on the dedicated line between UCloud global computer rooms, the intelligent domain name system is used to achieve global acceleration of business. No matter the business is deployed in other cloud providers or IDC computer rooms, they can be seamlessly accessed in finance, cross-domain e-commerce, games and other fields , There are a lot of usage scenarios.

2.3 Rome

Rome is an SD-WAN product that integrates network acceleration and multi-cloud interconnection. It relies on UCloud's global data centers and intra-regional, multi-national, and inter-operator intranet networks to provide enterprises with convenient WAN access, dynamic link scheduling, and multi-cloud interconnection capabilities to help users easily realize cloud, data center, The enterprise's exclusive network is efficiently interconnected.

For those users who have already chosen other cloud services, they can also join the Roman network, "authentic" to feel the good effects brought by network transmission optimization and link dynamic scheduling technology, and easily achieve cross-cloud, remote Disaster tolerance, prevent it beforehand.

2.4 Security

UCloud provides 70G cleaning locally in the Taipei computer room, which can initially protect against small-scale DDoS attacks, and provides more than 400G DDoS protection in Hong Kong, and six cleaning centers around the world:Los Angeles, Washington, Frankfurt, Singapore, Tokyo, Taipei, Hong Kong A total of 350G protection is provided, and UCloud escorts customers for the most core areas where Chinese companies go overseas.

3 UCloud Best Practices

3.1 Globally accelerated PathX

Business pain points:

l The business is deployed in Hong Kong, and Hong Kong users are directly connected to the business deployed in Hong Kong.

l When users in Taiwan and Singapore and Malaysia visit Hong Kong business, the user experience is affected by the unstable network.


l Using PathX accelerated dedicated line between Hong Kong, Taipei and Singapore, users can access the network nearby to increase the speed.

l Through intelligent domain name resolution, users from Taiwan and Singapore and Malaysia can access UCloud local nodes nearby, and the dedicated line can interact with Hong Kong.

3.2 Cybersecurity

Solution one:

l When attacked, Hong Kong High Defense is enabled, and the area outside Taiwan is directly connected to the Hong Kong High Defense IP.

l The largest group of gamers in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan is in Taiwan. When attacked, they use 70G network protection locally in Taiwan to protect Taiwanese players.

Solution two:

l Hackers attacking overseas games are generally in mainland China, and use intelligent domain name resolution to guide them to attack the mainland computer room.

l The IP of the mainland computer room is unavailable. The hacker may think that the game has been affected, but it only affects the mainland and does not affect the business of Hong Kong and Taiwan.

l This is essentially a social engineering offense and defense. If a hacker accesses the service through a VPN, the real IP will also be found. At this time, high defense can be enabled.

3.3 Global Server Game

Solution 1:A central node + edge node acceleration

plan description:

l The game is deployed in a central area

l Users in other regions of the world visit the central area

l Users in each area communicate with the central area through PathX

Solution 2:Global service + regional service architecture

l According to global monitoring, assess where the game is deployed to meet the network requirements of the game.

l Deploy district services in the target area of business to cover local users.

l The UCloud global dedicated line UDPN is used between the regional service and the central service to connect the intranets between regions and exchange data through dedicated lines.

Author:Qian Jian Feng UCloud Solutions Architect

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