[To be collected] How to spend the 618 online shopping festival elegantly? (Required for e-commerce risk control)

Posted Jun 15, 20203 min read

The pros and cons of e-commerce risk control determine the quality of e-commerce reputation.

In this day of hard work, eyesight, and character, accompanied by each "chopping hand party" who is also staying up late to pinch, there are students in the risk control department of the e-commerce platform.

Whenever the operation encounters the activity cheating problem complained by users, they will always be the first one! Because in marketing activities, they will encounter various problems...

Scenario 1:

The machine is registered in batches, but it is hard to fight

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Scenario 2:

99 of the 100 spike products went into the hands of the ox party, and various rules could not be restrained.

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Scenario 3:

If you don't pay attention to the wrong coupons, the Wool Party can show you.

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Scenario 4:

There is no unsold goods, as long as there is no packaged billing record.

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Scenario 5:

Marketing has won millions of customers, fattening the "wool party"?

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Don’t panic when you encounter these problems. Solving problems is the correct way to open.

As a leader in business security, Top Elephant provides a set of 100%risk control black technology products that can improve user satisfaction and perfectly meet every 618 marketing event festival.

The top elephant wind control four-piece set, 0 cost-effective to resist black and gray production! Four major risk-control protection black technologies, there is always one for you!

No sense verification:

Equipped with a risk perception engine, multiple verification methods, intelligent switching verification difficulty, and excellent user experience. It is easy to use and highly effective in identifying wool, and builds the first line of defense for business safety.

Device fingerprint:

Accurately identify black and gray terminal devices and generate unique device IDs to prevent complex and variable attacks from the source of the device.

Risk control engine:

One-stop, full-process automated intelligent decision-making system, real-time identification of fraudulent marketing such as bills, tickets, coupons, etc., effectively prevent various business frauds such as wool party.

Anti-fraud verification:

Quickly provide mobile phone number/IP account risk assessment reports to effectively increase the conversion rate and user retention rate.

The most effective risk control is here!

Yijian access, strong against black production/wool party

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