VideoStudio 2020 key download V23.0.1.405 tutorial

Posted Jun 28, 20203 min read

VideoStudio 2020 expands this highly praised combination of ease of use and breakthrough creativity to make video editing more interesting. Using the new and innovative smart tools and simplified user interface, you can easily edit and add custom effects quickly. Play fast, use new overlays and titles, and enjoy screen recording, multi-camera editing, 360-degree video editing and more!

1. A new highlight moment

Turning memories into videos has never been easier! Use VideoStudio's new intelligent movie creator "Highlight Moments" to create a movie that showcases your latest collection of adventures. Just import your photos and videos, and the "highlight moment" will analyze and extract high-quality clips, and then combine them together with music. You can explore and customize videos in depth on the VideoStudio timeline at any time. This is an ideal tool for creating one-second daily videos, memory montages, and quick movie projects showing holidays and events! "Shadow Life", VideoStudio 2020 is more efficient and smarter than ever.

Second, the new video editing flexibility and enhancements

VideoStudio 2020 simplifies the editing workflow with enhanced features, allowing you to work smarter. Both new and old users will love the excellent flexibility and customization features brought by this version. For new creative possibilities, up to 10 filters can be combined in a single clip! Use the new shortcut to edit effects directly on the timeline, allowing you to easily customize effects, colors, and motion. The new improved video sharing function can automatically set your export parameters to match the project properties of the timeline, making video export faster. Workflow is faster and smarter from start to finish!

Third, the new creative content library

Ulead VideoStudio 2020 has been completely renewed, with creative content updated, focusing on making the drag and drop experience more trendy and convenient. Users can access a variety of new modern media and start making and retouching video projects more easily. New titles, video backgrounds, textures, animated graphics, LUT profiles, sound effects, etc. are used. not only that! Ulead VideoStudio 2020 also updated the library structure to facilitate users to find the materials needed to bring the project to the next creative level. Everyone can get more desired drag-and-drop creative media in a more convenient and practical way.

Fourth, the enhanced version of the drawing creator

Create unique dynamic graphics overlays and use the enhanced paint editor and new brush selection in PaintShop Pro to inspire artistic potential. The tool will record the strokes of your work, so that you can add the completed work to the video in the form of static graphics or dynamic painting! Import reference graphics into the background and then draw to make your work smarter-just record your own masterpiece and add it to your project! Recorded strokes are a great way to add unique motion graphics or the lower third of the subtitle bar, enhance the introduction sequence, or create a background for the video. Use a more intuitive and powerful drawing editor to stimulate your artistic potential and bring more creativity to your next video project.

Fifth, the new 4K display support

VideoStudio 2020 adds ultra-high-definition display compatibility and upgrades user experience. Users using high-resolution displays(such as 4K displays) will notice that the editing experience is significantly improved on the interface as clear as the completed project. Improved video masking, title rendering and new creative content make this quality-driven editing interface experience.

Six, enhanced performance

VideoStudio 2020 makes editing smoother and renders faster! VideoStudio 2020 is optimized for the latest video hardware acceleration technologies from Intel and nVidia, which improves efficiency and significantly accelerates the rendering process of mainstream file formats. In addition, the innovative intelligent agent technology allows you to enjoy a faster and smoother 4K editing and playback experience. The original high-resolution files are retained when exporting, but VideoStudio allows you to use smaller files to increase speed and performance.

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