Network routing without wires, X4C out of the box test

Posted May 27, 20204 min read

This question from a netizen:
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Heard about technology enthusiasts? Oh, right. I don't know what grade it can be rated?
Dandelion 4G router X4C evaluation
4G router? Look down! Why do I need 4G with a network cable? It's like a wireless mouse and a wired mouse. I definitely choose a wired mouse. Let me talk about low latency. I don't need to charge it. In the same way, is 4G broadband stable and fast? But after going home for a new year, the situation changed, and I stayed at home for two months, and I didn't have an internet! Can only rely on mobile phones to pass the time, uncomfortable mushrooms. Also, my dad and I said that recently I wanted to install a few probes in the shed at home. First, the agricultural products have been damaged recently and I want to install the probes. Second, people are old and have inconvenient legs and feet, so he wants to see crops at home , Less tossing back and forth. Before installing the probe, you need to have an Internet cafe, but also wiring deployment; the village is far away, and it takes a lot of money to pull the net, and I think of a 4G router. After searching, the wiring was too annoying, and finally found the dandelion X4C, and connected to the greenhouse without wiring. 168 yuan is quite cost-effective, compared with Huawei. Huawei has WIFI6, but the phone also needs to support it, right? The newest dandelion X4C is cheaper than it. I just got on the stage first and sent you a review.
The goods came quickly and gave a good review. The box is quite unique. After looking at the official website, dandelions, peanut shells, sunflowers are all from a company.


Opened, it is very delicate. The front is a dandelion white LOGO with a black box. The front indicators are power, networking, WIFI, 4G.

X4C outline.jpg

Let's take a look at the wiring port again. From left to right is the Sim card slot, 1 WAN port and 2 LAN ports(100M), RST reset button, and power interface.

The only drawback is that the SIM card is not easy to insert, because of the two antennas, it took a long time to put the SIM card in.

4G network card slot.jpg

Official data configuration:
CPU:Mt7628NN Main frequency:580Mhz
Built-in four antennas
WiFi:2.4GHz 300Mbps
Network port:1 100M adaptive WAN port, 2 100M adaptive LAN ports
Support 4G full Netcom, after inserting SIM card, you can switch to WIFI or wired high-speed Internet access

There are three ways to view X4C Internet, 4G, wifi and wired,
When I use the 4G network, I experiment with 4G and my friend's cable.
Connect the X4C to the power supply and insert the SIM card. The blue light on the front of the X4C is always on, indicating that the 4G card is online. Convenient and fast, an absolute fool machine!

Mobile phone and router test.jpg

Then use your mobile phone to enter the X4C's WIFI; then enter on the webpage, enter the SN code(on the back of the router) to log in, the initial password is admin. Here is a reminder to be careful of being rubbed against the Internet, so I changed the wifi password after entering. Of course, you can also change the login password of the router to make it safer, just next to [WIFI Settings][Change Password].

Setup Connection.jpg

The speed of the test results is still okay, mainly depends on the speed of the 4G card, this is the speed of my SIM card, please refer to it.

Internet Speed.jpg

What is different from ordinary routers is that X4C can also have a function:networking!
(For customer service) Even if there is no public network IP, devices in different regions can be interconnected by forming a dandelion in a local area network.
If you want to install video surveillance in a rural shed and connect it to your home for viewing, you need to deploy wiring, which is a big project. With X4C networking, as long as an X4C is placed in the greenhouse to enable 4G to connect each probe, and an X4C is also placed at home, after the two machines are networked, you can see the status of the greenhouse at home!

Network Video.jpg

Of course, X4C is not a perfect router. The limitation of too few 100M Ethernet ports and LAN ports needs to be improved, but it is enough for people who can provide a high-speed, stable, and safe network in a networkless environment.