"Two lows and one high" low code platform, flexibility and simplicity solutions

Posted May 27, 20202 min read

Low Code Development Platform refers to a tool that can quickly generate applications without coding or very little code. Such platforms usually provide visual design tools to quickly build interfaces, design data models, and create business logic and workflow.

The "two lows and one high" in the code world refers to low code, low cost, and high efficiency, which refers to the convenience and efficiency brought by the low code development platform. Low code is "pursuing the least amount of code and realizing the most business functions." What is more difficult here is how to grasp the balance between "flexibility of function realization" and "ease of operation learning".

As a new type of development tool, the low-code development platform has reduced the amount of code writing, simplified the development process, shortened the development cycle, improved development efficiency, and saved development costs. The low-code development platform can help users better design and implement requirements. Users only need to focus on business logic, not on coding. Ordinary users can DIY all kinds of management software they need after receiving simple training.

Low-code development platform, through graphical interface interaction to achieve application construction, visual operation, standardized configuration, not only can improve the efficiency of developers to develop information systems, but also can meet the information development of business personnel without code foundation.

Some companies disclosed that they have developed their own system-wide applications for ERP, supply chain, finance, OA, human resources, and project management using low-code development platforms. If this huge system project is developed by traditional methods, it usually requires at least 10 people to work for more than 1 year, but now only 2 people can complete it in 6-8 months. At the same time, low code can also solve the problems of too many software applications, chaos and data silos.

JNPF According to the low-code development platform model, change the original and cumbersome development model, greatly shorten the iteration cycle and reduce development costs, without a large number of professional teams Master product usage in a short time. Low-code development is a development mode that has sprung up in recent years. It has strong development efficiency and scalability, and is widely praised by developers.