SegmentFault Independent Developer Support Program is launched to help independent developers build influence!

Posted May 26, 20203 min read

SegmentFault Independent Developer Support Program

When the mobile market rose and the App Store model became popular, independent developers had a good time. Calling a few developers to make a good application will win the approval of the public and the media.

But now, the success of an application is no longer just writing good code. Now the mobile Internet has gradually begun to become an era in which a few giants dominate the market. Large companies have divided most of the traffic with a strong user base and resources.

Small teams become unsustainable and can only sell themselves to large companies; once a product stands out, a large number of imitators follow one after another; the various application stores are closed to each other, and applications may be removed at any time. The increase in applications and developers makes promotion and channels particularly important. In this regard, it is difficult for independent developers to compete with large companies.

But have the good times for developers really passed?

From a purely technical perspective, developers are in a good era.

With the development of open source, software development tools are better than ever before; hardware not only has excellent performance, but also has a wealth of sensors; programming guidance has become more and more good.

From a market perspective, the era of developers is not so bad.

With the explosion of smartphone users and the increase of media coverage channels, independent developers have the opportunity to get more diversified traffic. The admission of large companies does not mean that individual developers and small teams do not have room to live . In contrast, small and beautiful independent development projects are better recognized and spread by the market.

In any case, independent developers have at least the obsession of choosing "independent"-freedom, do not have to work step by step, do not have to deal with the company's cumbersome system, you can create a product that fully meets your will. **

In order to help independent developers create a better industry environment, SegmentFault Sinuo Community, as a technical community serving developers, officially launched the "Sinuo Independent Developer Support Program." Exposure and recommendation of personal brands and independent projects.

1. What permanent free support resources does Sifu provide?

  1. Add "Independent Developer" certification for independent developers in the community;
  2. The SINO editorial team assists in the individual reports of independent developers and independent projects, and conveys the ideas of independent developers;
  3. The Sinuo information section cooperates with the report content to carry out corresponding exposure and promotion;
  4. Provide potential cooperation opportunities.

Second, what are the requirements for independent developers?

  1. Currently an independent developer or operating an independently developed project;
  2. Independent developers who have published or participated in independent project development can apply to participate;
  3. Independent projects need to have clear application scenarios and high project quality;
  4. The person in charge of the project is responsible for the authenticity of the content of the reports provided.

Intended independent developers or independent project leaders can provide corresponding information(personal profile, project address, project introduction, contact information, etc.) through the mailbox to improve the efficiency of communication.

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