Developer's windows toolbox

Posted May 28, 20203 min read

As a programmer, collecting some daily handy tools is a long-term adherence and maintenance. Here are some windows softwares that won my heart. Most of the software here are portable, that is, without using the Windows registry, decompression. Runnable. In addition to being relatively clean, another advantage is that after the Windows system is reinstalled, these portable software can be installed without using one by one, just use the previously decompressed program.

Start the list below:


  1. ConEmu :Multi-tab command line to replace CMD
  2. Clink :Support CMD record history, can be integrated with ConEmu
  3. Classic Shell :It is used to retrieve the start menu under Windows 8 and can be used without win10.
  4. 7Zip :Compression tool
  5. Everything Quick file search
  6. UltraSearch File content search
  7. AutoHotKey Customize keyboard shortcuts
  8. HxD :hex editor
  9. Notepad ++ :General-purpose editor. If you use the port version, I usually add its shortcut under shell:sendto
  10. Insomnia :Prevent hibernation
  11. Ditto :Multi clipboard
  12. CCleaner :Clean up junk files, the registry cleanup is not recommended.
  13. AllDup :Free portable duplicate file search, powerful, and repeated image search is great.
  14. TreeSizeFree :Disk space management, windirstat is also good.
  15. Unison :file directory synchronization
  16. rufus format usb boot disk
  17. nssm Turn any program into a Windows service
  18. Scrcpy Use pc to control mobile phone, artifact.
  19. ImageMagick If you want to process images on the command line, such as zooming and format conversion, this is it.


  1. SumatraPDF :Lightweight PDF reading tool, multi-tab page.
  2. MPC-HC :Very lightweight player with very low CPU consumption, suitable for laptop use.
  3. Vlc :Player with good compatibility
  4. IrfanView :Ultra-lightweight image viewer that supports many formats.
  5. GreenShot :Screenshot tool, picpick is also very good.
  6. LICEcap :Make dynamic GIF
  7. FFmpeg :Convert audio and video
  8. OBS :Live broadcast and recorded video, better than ShareX performance.


  1. Anaconda :Python environment and third-party libraries. If huge libraries are not needed, miniconda is more suitable.
  2. Java :In general, openjdk will do.
  3. eclipse :Java IDE
  4. CodeBlocks :The cross-platform c ++ IDE is much smaller than visual studio. It can be used to do small things.
  5. Visual Studio Code :IDE for most projects
  6. git :Version control and linux tool set


  1. Just Color Picker :color picker
  2. yed :flow chart and other production

The internet

  1. ipScan :IP search
  2. Putty :SSH client
  3. MobaXTerm SSH client, supports Mosh, and a set of cygwin tools(rsync, etc.)
  4. mongoose Ultra-lightweight Http server
  5. eMule :Download


  1. HeidiSql :Mysql/mariadb client
  2. dbeaver :JDBC database management client

data processing

  1. SciDAVis :Data processing, alternative to Origin