It may be the WeChat Markdown editor with the highest face value, and you will definitely fall in love with Markdown

Posted Jun 15, 20202 min read

Whether it is a new media editor or a developer and open source organization with their own public account, they must want an editor that can be quickly edited and the finished product is beautiful and generous. After all, WeChat s built-in editor has limited functions, and other editors on the market have too many functions, especially for developers. The insertion of code blocks in articles is very troublesome.

So the open source project that Gitee recommends to everyone today is an editor that can be quickly edited and has a very high finished value. As long as you can markdown, then you can get started seamlessly.

Project name:md

Project Author: doocs

Open source license agreement:WTFPL

Project address:

Project Introduction

Markdown documents are automatically rendered as WeChat graphics in real time, so that you no longer worry about the layout of WeChat articles! As long as you know basic Markdown grammar, you can make a simple and beautiful WeChat graphic. This project is based on wechat-format for secondary development.

Online editor address

Why secondary development

The existing open source WeChat Markdown editor has complicated styles and does not meet my personal aesthetic needs. When I use them for typesetting, I often have to make some changes myself, which is time-consuming and laborious, so I have done secondary development.


  • Support night mode
  • Support Ctrl/Command+F to quickly format documents
  • Support separate font and font size settings
  • Support color picking and color replacement with one click
  • Support linking WeChat pictures and texts, and external links are automatically converted to end-of-text indexes
  • Support one-click copy and paste to the public account background
  • Support multi-picture upload and insert URL into the cursor position of the editor
  • Support one-click download of Markdown files to local
  • Support custom CSS style and real-time rendering
  • Support one-key restore to default content and style
  • Support to open or close the reference link option

If you want to submit a PR or issue, please click on the link below to go to the project page and communicate with the author: