How to download remote tools better than vnc, how to download remote tools better than vnc, how to use vnc client

Posted Jun 15, 20201 min read

IIS7 server management tool can be used as a vnc client to perform vnc related operations! Moreover, the software is easy to download, the user interface is simple, and the installation is small and very practical.

At the same time, it can also be used as an ftp client to perform the corresponding operation of ftp tool! It can connect to servers under Windows and Linux systems and monitor them in real time, which is convenient for daily maintenance! Very practical for operation and maintenance and members

How to use VNC client:

Step 1:Download Server Management Tool , open the software, and click "Vnc";

Step 2:Click "Add";

Step 3:Enter the server's IP and port, account number, and password in the pop-up window, and then click "Add";

Step 4:Check the server, and then click "Open";

Step 5:After opening, you can see the vnc user interface, and then you can use it.

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