WebAssembly Monday report 0527

Posted May 27, 20205 min read

WebAssembly Weekly

WebAssembly bytecode performance is very close to the native code ?


We have always known that WebAssembly is safe and fast. But how fast is it? Enthusiastic netizens @whitequark ported nextpnr to WebAssembly and found that the performance of WebAssembly is within the statistical noise of equivalent local binaries.

Node.js v14 brings improvements to WebAssembly?? ?

The recently released Node.js v14 is a big step towards WebAssembly on the server side. The underlying V8 engine of Node.js now supports WASI extensions. Related to this, V8 recently increased the memory support for WebAssembly applications to 4GB .

Mozilla incubator supports WebAssembly startups ?

Mozilla released a summer startup incubator and builder laboratory plan, including 7 categories, one of which is WebAssembly ! Apply now and get $10,000 to $75,000 this summer!

In the Mozilla Spring Open Lab project, the Second State team announced a [privacy-first data sharing framework]based on Rust and WebAssembly( https://github.com/second-state/recrypt-as-a-service ).

SwiftWasm: Compile Swift into WebAssembly

image(1) .png

A core advantage of WebAssembly is that it supports multiple programming languages. You can now compile Swift language to WebAssembly! Learn more on their website .

Compile COBOL into WebAssembly ?

The COBOL language is one of the oldest computer programming languages in human history, and is now booming because of the new crown.

The unemployment registration system in the United States was written in COBOL 50 years ago and cannot handle the massive unemployment peak caused by the new coronavirus pneumonia. Have you never learned COBOL because it is too old? You can now use with WebAssembly it.

Microsoft Blazor introduces C language to WebAssembly ?

The Blazor framework allows ASP.NET developers to use C language instead of JavaScript to build client-side web applications. Blazor now supports WebAssembly. Basically, it can compile C source code into WebAssembly and execute it in the browser.

Play MUD with WebAssembly on the server!

Kevin Hoffman built a server-side WebAssembly framework to create MUD games. With it, players can upload their own game code and run it safely while WebAssembly is running.


Gantry is the registry of the server-side WebAssembly module of the waSCC framework used in the MUD game example above.

Rust News

Microsoft explains why they love Rust

Rust has recently gained many people's "confession". Ryan Levick explains how Rust makes software Become safe, and why Microsoft launched the Verona project to learn from Rust.

Where I hate Rust

Although Microsoft's love for Rust is beyond words, the developer yossarian said that he still has some things that hate Rust. Sounds like love and hate.

8 things I learned from 4000 Rust developers

Michael Yuan wrote an article that analyzed him from [Rust Developer]( https://www.freecodecamp.org/news/8-things -i-learned-from-4000-rust-developers /) Some insights from the survey.

Using VS Codespace to write Rust online

No need to install any program on your computer, start [Rust Programming]now( https://github.com/second-state/learn-rust-with-github-actions/blob/master/README.md )!

Rust Chat:A real-time chat application for Rust and React

image(2) .png
A new server-side Rust application is here! Rust Chat can communicate in real time like WeChat. The application backend is written in Rust, and the UI frontend uses React. You can try it on GitHub .

Rocket will soon be compiled on stable Rust

Rocket is a very popular web framework in Rust. However, in the past 4 years(!), It can only be compiled with the release of the Nightly(unstable) Rust compiler. It seems that Rocket can finally be used on the stable Rust soon! In addition, according to a comment on Reddit, the next version of Rocket will support async.

Refinery, a Rust SQL migration toolkit, released version 0.3

Refinery makes it easy to migrate data between different SQL databases. This is yet another example where Rust is useful for server-side developers.

Cargo-nono helps you use no_std crates

Cargo-nono helps check crate's no_std compatibility. Blockchain developers often need to use Rust and WebAssembly in the no_std host environment, but it is difficult to find a crate compatible with no_std. Cargo \ _nono tries to help developers cross the current minefield. This is very useful, especially in the popular blockchain programming using Rust and WebAssembly. For more information, please visit its GitHub repo .

Everything about Serverless

How about this typical serverless architecture?


Paul biggartweeter This architecture diagram for serverless applications looks as complex as the "multi-tier JEE" applications of the past, because enterprise issues are inherently complex. But does serverless make it easier to start and explore. What do you think?

Slashdata released Cloud-native Developer Report

Main findings:

  • There are 4.7 million cloud-native developers worldwide.
  • 1.7 million developers are using Kubernetes.
  • 3.3 million developers are using serverless architecture and cloud capabilities.
  • Users are more likely to influence purchase decisions.
  • 51%of serviceless users use AWS Lambda.
  • 68%of cloud-native developers use AWS as a cloud hosting provider.

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