Rabbitmq startup problem

Posted May 27, 20201 min read

/usr/bin/curl to see if it can be accessed locally

  1. Open the web control and set on the web side

Run rabbitmq-plugins enable rabbitmq \ _management to enable web access

Restart service service rabbitmq-server restart

Login http://localhost :15672 , the default username and password is guest:guest, the user can only log in locally;

Add a user, give admin permission, save the user; then click the user, give all permissions

  1. Command line operation

rabbitmqctl add \ _user test passwd
Set the user to the administrator role:

rabbitmqctl set \ _user \ _tags test administrator
Setting permissions:

rabbitmqctl set \ _permissions -p '/' test '.' '.' '.'
Restart the rabbitmq service:

sudo service rabbitmq-server restart
rabbitmqctl change \ _password Username Newpassword