Summary of the experience of hematemesis

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The postgraduate entrance examination is finally over, and now the brain is really painful, it is really the kind of physical brain pain, the kind that should be good after a sleep.

Previous The writing of the postgraduate examination is almost the time after the end of the initial test. At that time, I felt that the test was not good, but there was no result, simple essay Well, the admission notice was confirmed today, and everything was settled. The rest of the shifting and political review will be nothing troublesome except for a little trouble. Let s summarize it today.

The whole process of entrance examination

Before deciding on postgraduate entrance examination

I do n t know when, or for whatever reason, I just want to engage in artificial intelligence. Maybe I felt that the driverless courier car was more cute at the time? Anyway, my head was hot and said to my boss that I want to leave, I want to engage in smart hardware. My boss talked to me a lot, which mentioned whether I want to study artificial intelligence if I want to engage in artificial intelligence? I awakened the dreamer, yes, the boss also told me that the company can provide me with some convenience. If the task is completed, you do n t need to work too much overtime. You can consider me when the company is not busy or when it is resting. I can learn by myself. In some cases, I can consider assigning simple tasks to me. It is always to create a relatively better environment for me to study. At that time, I went to the company at five in the morning and learned to work at nine thirty. , But there is still not much time to study during the day and night, so after two months, I feel too tired, and like calculus, it is really a bit difficult to learn, too painful, and finally I told Sorry to the boss, I still decided to go crazy and decided to resign after three years of work. After a month of work transfer, he left the company about the end of August, played for two days purely, and then started to go to the postgraduate exam.

Thanks to those who helped me in this process, thank my boss, thank you!

Postgraduate review stage

This period of time has some pains, calculus, linear algebra, probability theory and mathematical statistics, data structure, computer composition principles, politics, and the English that makes me feel at ease anyway, really want to die, think My head hurts. But there is no way out. If you decide to do this, you can only continue to do it. Make a plan on GitHub and Google Drive.

Google Drive is first and foremost an overall kanban board, and how long will it take to take the exam? There are several important time nodes in the middle, written in the form of a formula, one glance every day will know how long the exam is, and how much time each subject is used for review For a long time, this has a concept as a whole, like the following.

Google Drive

Then I went to a nearby university classroom for self-study every day. This school has a characteristic that there are too many classes in the morning, and there are no classes in the afternoon. Therefore, I went late in the morning and arrived at 11 in the evening. To be honest, I did n t feel tired. A state that is a little bit tight but not overpowered.

Of course, the method used for reviewing each subject is not the same, but it still needs to be managed, using the Google Drive method, which is roughly as follows, recording what you did every day, or did not study , Or any problems encountered, any ideas and adjustments to be made. The time red on the left indicates that the day has passed, the green indicates that the day has not yet passed, and the red on the right indicates that I have learned something, and so on.

Google Drive

GitHub mainly uses the project management method, and the specific contents of some checkpoints are also recorded here.


There was a day or two in the middle where I was upset and didn't want to learn at all, but overall it was okay, it was normal. In particular, the cafeteria of their school is really delicious. There is also a noodle restaurant outside the school. It is really tiresome and cheap. This is a big problem. If I am at home Reviewing the order of takeout every day is totally different. What I particularly want to vomit is the playground of their school. Near the time before the exam, I will go to the playground for two laps before dinner every day to chat with friends. But I actually found the entrance gate of this playground for three days! That s right, I did n t know who designed the door I entered. I needed to turn two corners. I do n t want to say anything if there is a fence in the playground. I have to hide the door. It s also a talent. ! Put one of my favorite photos that I took to commemorate it.

School Playground

And it s more memorable that I m going to go to school every day by bike. It s about 20 minutes away. When it rains, when there is heavy snow, when it rains, there is also the most terrifying gust of wind. February is sometimes very cold. It s really vivid. I do n t know what to think at that time. I can obviously take a taxi. I have to fight against myself. I can only say that I was really young and crazy at that time! There is no photo here, it really lacks soul.

One more thing to say is that the empty classroom query system downstairs in their teaching building is really easy to use. I did n t use that system in my school when I was undergraduate. I did n t expect to use it in other schools. Yeah!

It's just less than four months after two points and one line every day. It's flat and bland, and there are no major events, but the mentality is really ups and downs. The calculus at the beginning was very simple. When I got to the back, I wanted to go crazy, and then I was unsure about the ignorance before the exam. I still did n t learn well, but I still want to recommend Zhang Yu s mathematics postgraduate guidance book to help me. It's quite big. In English, from the most "what is this" to the later "what should it be", anyway, it has always been the most worried subject. I know that I can pass the line in the professional class, but math and English take up too much time, and I do n t have time to allocate it. I do n t have much confidence when I get to the back. I can only look at it as much as possible, but I did n t expect that Much lower than expected, this is probably my most mistake. I will write about politics as much as possible, memorize as much as possible, and put the audio of each chapter of knowledge in the headphones on the road. It is really very useful. In the end, the political achievements are a little bit less than I expected. , This is still very happy.

For this process of re-examination, I really experienced the sweet, sour and bitter taste of it. It can only be said:you are not me, how do you know the road I have traveled, the scenery I have seen, how do I know the joy and bitterness in my heart ...

Entrance Examination

I am extremely calm about this problem. I am not a freshman, so I ca n t live in a dormitory and go back to my hometown to register for the exam. I booked a hotel around the test room and went to the hotel one day in advance to step on the test room. The two days of the exam, waiting for the exam, security check, exam, abnormal calm, really nothing to say, those two days passed really fast. Here are two tips. First, if it is not convenient to return to the hotel at noon, you can take a break at the hourly room. Second, relax. No big deal.

After the last exam, my father and mother drove me to pick me up. With bananas, I ate two in the car. It also snowed that day. It was quite small. The traffic jam was a little bit on the road. It was quite calm. .

End the initial test

After the initial test period, my mother still had to work. I went back to the rental house in Beijing, played a few days of games, slept for a few days, and after a few days, I have no special impression. It passed in an instant.

Later in the New Year, I spent a winter vacation with my mother at home, and the sudden new crown epidemic disrupted all the plans afterwards. I originally planned to take a few days off and prepare for the post-graduate re-examination. As a result of the epidemic, the announcement of the initial test results was delayed and the re-examination was delayed. It took 60 days and two months to quit, which was really unexpected!

The closure of Wuhan, national aid, postponement of school start, postponement of resumption of work, closure of movie theaters, and the stagnation of the tourism service industry have really caught everyone off guard. There are too many of them, which may be unforgettable forever ...

It's awful. My first volunteer score is not enough, and all schools majoring in computer science have exploded, which is quite annoying. I spent a few days collecting information about the school. I made a total of four volunteers in the transfer system. The first volunteer rejected me by one point, the third volunteer accepted me, and the second volunteer was originally my best I want to go, but the time for the re-examination is after the third volunteer. I confirmed that the third volunteer is waiting for admission. After the second volunteer, I rejected the re-test. The fourth volunteer I gave up because of the conflict between the re-test time and the third volunteer. In fact, my voluntary choice is actually okay, and I spent four days collecting information, including school majors, rankings, directions, admission scores in previous years, number of recruits, transfer quotas, retest subjects, etc., I still About ten schools were counted in the table, which is still very good from the perspective of the registration effect.

Here I need to talk about my re-examination, it is really a bit poor, or very bad, at least I think so, and I do n t know why the school gave me it. The 1:1.7 re-examination ratio should not be like this. That's right, this is what I can't figure out, and this shouldn't be a problem I'm going to investigate. It's all over.

Accepting the third volunteer s proposed admission or refusing the third volunteer and waiting for the second volunteer s retest for the next day also left me entangled for an hour. This was a choice that affected my life for at least three years in the future. How about the next three years It completely changed in an instant. It's really magical to think about it. It's quite interesting.


Nothing, just want to write some words to commemorate my life in the past ten months.

May world peace!

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