Anxin Network Shield, the first domestic memory security service provider, announced that it has received pre-A round financing, and Gao Lian Venture Capital and other institutions jointly led the investment

Posted May 25, 20204 min read

Recently, Anxin Network Shield(Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as:Anxin Network Shield) completed a pre-A round of financing of tens of millions of yuan. , The first round of investment side Lan Chi Venture Capital and investment. ** This round of financing will mainly be used for the research and development of memory protection products, to expand the scale and influence of enterprises, and to provide more effective new-generation advanced threat solutions for more customers.

As the pioneer of the domestic memory security category, the memory protection system promoted by Anxin Network Shield has proposed a brand-new idea to help customers cope with the increasing security threats. The system is based on real-time program behavior monitoring, memory operation monitoring and other technologies to achieve memory protection at the application level and solve the invisible problem of memory data threats. In terms of effectiveness, with memory data analysis as the core, focusing on the three capabilities of detection, analysis and response, we will build a memory security network environment for customers to protect their core business from being blocked and core data assets from being stolen.

The creation of Anxin Net Shield is a reunion between CEO Jiang Qianqian and CTO Yao Jiwei. As early as 2009, they co-founded the security laboratory and developed the first generation of malicious code detection engine based on behavior analysis. The organization's VB100 scored the second highest in the world in its ability assessment, and provided security engines for well-known companies such as Google and Huawei.

** Hao Li Capital, Gao Lian Venture Capital Software Services and the original technology innovation leader Huang Liming said:"The founding team of Anxin Network Shield has been cultivating in the field of network security for many years and has rich experience. With the original memory protection technology, Anxin Network Shield detects and responds to network threats at the application layer, system layer and hardware layer, with innovative ideas to help customers effectively solve the growing security threats, and also demonstrates its defense The unique advantages of advanced cyber threats. At present, we are in a wave of accelerating the digitization process. Information security is facing huge development opportunities and challenges. I believe that the application of new-generation security technologies also has broad prospects. "

** Chen Weiguang, Managing Partner of Lanchi Ventures, said:"Anxin Network Shield is a security company with cutting-edge technology and has been focusing on product development in the field of memory security, providing companies with a strong last line of information security defense. The customer's energy is liberated from responding to cyber threats, and it can focus on the development of its main business. As the first round investor of Anxin Shield, Lanchi Ventures has always been concerned about the innovation of enterprise security in cloud applications and edge computing, and is willing to accompany it for a long time Business growth. "

Jiang Qianqian said:"Anxin Network Shield is a technology-driven startup with independent and controllable underlying core technology. As a pioneer in the field of memory security subdivision, we do our best from the essence of security Security products. In the future, we will continue to increase investment in product development in the field of memory security, expand application scenarios, and provide professional and efficient services to more customers. "

The memory protection system is generally referred to as the memory firewall. When existing security products are increasingly struggling to meet new challenges, the memory firewall is a powerful supplement to help enterprises and institutions establish the last line of defense in the defense-in-depth system.
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In terms of market application prospects, memory-based attacks have also intensified in recent years. Large-scale network attacks that everyone is familiar with, such as heart bleeding vulnerabilities, NOTPETYA ransomware, etc., are implemented through 0day vulnerabilities, fileless attacks, or memory destruction. Network attacks.

According to statistics, the rate of incidents in which global new cyberattacks caused losses of more than US $5 million in 2019 increased by 400%year-on-year compared to 2018. The average single-level losses caused by advanced threats to domestic enterprises and institutions were 24.32 million yuan, and memory-based attacks accounted for the above 62%of senior threats. Traditional security protection products can detect and block known attacks based on rules, but cannot prevent stronger attackers from using vulnerability changes or bypassing security rules to attack business servers or database servers. However, memory protection can achieve advanced threats. Real-time protection is currently the only effective real-time solution for advanced threat protection.

Today, with memory security becoming the main battlefield of offense and defense, memory protection products can free customers' energy from responding to network threats and focus on their main business. Innovative products such as memory firewalls are being favored by more and more CSOs.

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