State-owned enterprise 955, Internet 996, how to choose, Ma Yun said that this is the most real standard

Posted Jun 16, 20203 min read

In the Internet industry years ago, the hottest thing about online issues was 996. At that time, countless programmers wailed, and they also played a hammer. Programmers opposed, Internet gangsters, Ma Yun, Liu Qiangdong, etc. came out to support, Even shocked many media to participate in the discussion. No matter what the result of the discussion is, programmers are definitely against the 996 work system. After all, no one wants to spend all day on work.

Of course, some people do not want to stay, they will choose to change jobs. Recently, an employee of Ali switched jobs. After the switch, he felt emotionally:the state-owned enterprise was really fragrant. It was nine to five, with three meals, the salary was also rising, and the price-performance ratio was bursting. You can feel at ease and learn something. The employee also expressed:I don't want to go out from here in this life, I'm Ali.

Below this post, an employee of the same company made a supplementary explanation:no overtime, at 4:30 on Friday, the subsidy in the morning, middle and evening is equal to no money, everyone is welcome.

Many programmers are really envious:which one is this? How can I get in?

This kind of company is really cool. There is no cost to eat and drink, and the salary has risen. This programmer is really making a lot of money.

  1. The welfare of state-owned enterprises is really good

Compared with private enterprises, the welfare of state-owned enterprises is really good. All three meals a day are managed, and various subsidies can be given. In addition, for various holidays, state-owned enterprises will definitely not arrange overtime work, and Internet companies may not be able to work overtime and overtime.

It can be seen that entering the state-owned enterprises is really a good choice for programmers who are 996 all the year round.

2.996 working system

Programmers are actually very opposed to the 996 working system, but they suffer from the lack of suitable opportunities and companies can switch jobs. Once they find that there is a suitable company to choose from, they will jump out without any hesitation, and sometimes even a lower salary, for their own health, in order to be able to arrange their own lives, otherwise it is really too tired.

Of course, there are really too few opportunities like this. After all, there are always a handful of high-paying jobs from 9 to 5.

But is 996 really useless?

When talking about the 996 work system, Ma Yun said that being able to do 996 is a huge blessing. Many companies and many people think that 996 has no chance. If you were not 996 when you were young, when would you be 996? You haven't had 996 in your life, do you think you are proud? BAT are all 996, and I think this is a blessing from us.

If you translate Jack Ma s bowl of chicken soup into vernacular, that s why you guys are so hypocritical, and can t stand 996 while envying others to open a Ferrari. **

Are there any problems with Ma Yun or Ren Zhengfei's wolf culture? In fact, in my opinion, the problem is really not very big, because the starting point is not the same, but it is also very real. Without basic material guarantees, some things are difficult to carry out. In today s society, the most profitable industry, finance The medical industry and other industries are too demanding, or require you to have skills. The computer industry is the least selective. As long as you work hard enough, you will gain something. For a high-paying and relaxed state-owned enterprise, if you have no education, experience, Technology**, is it easy to get in? not necessarily

I heard a big guy talk, all your efforts now are not for how much money you make, but for you to have more and better choices in the future. Although 996 is difficult to be accepted, the current efforts are hard. Isn't the accumulated technology and experience for better future development? Therefore, when trying hard, you must not let your efforts be let down

Here the author also said that for the dream, for the career, it is worthwhile to work harder and harder, but the premise is your health, If the health is gone, is it meaningful to talk about dreams?

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