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Posted May 28, 20205 min read

Independent developer: @ luya
Independent project name:share bookkeeping, travel diary

Hello, everyone at the SegmentFault community, my name is Curry Luya and I am currently engaged in iOS application development. My dream was to be a soldier when I was young, but then I gave up. Now I am working hard to develop good products. I hope that I can use them to feed myself without having to go to work every day, so I can be more free and do what I like.

But I have n t thought about starting a business. I do n t have any desire, just enough. Now I just go to work just to save a lot of money, and to reserve for future travel plans. My dream now is to try to see this big as much as possible. world!

I currently mainly maintain two APP account bookkeeping and travel diaries. The total users of the two apps are about 70,000, and I have not promoted them. These are all natural + Apple recommended. The income can only be said to subsidize the rent, but many people I know have already achieved financial freedom.

In 2017, I was fortunate enough to complete a major event in my life marriage, and received a lot of favors. Because the follow-up is to return the gift, I need to keep the money. But neither my wife nor I like to use the accounting software that has too many functions on the market. I just want an application that specializes in managing human debts. I thought about making one myself.

Project Introduction:Account Keeping

Project launch date:end of 2017
For the group:users who want to have an app that specifically records the management of human debt
Objective:In current continuous maintenance and updating, subsequent iterations are based on the real needs of users.

After the product was developed, my wife also became my first user. Many of the follow-up needs were mentioned by my wife. Now the family debts of the family are also managed by my wife using account keeping.

My biggest hobby in life is traveling. Take a look around. I went to Thailand with friends for 7 days in 18 years. It was an unforgettable experience. Later, I would like to save my precious memories during travel. It s simple, so I started to design and design this travel diary. It took me a year and a half from the idea to go online. It was a project that I worked hard on.

Traveling makes people reap two kinds of happiness, one is still on the way and the other is after returning. When the bumps and fatigue are exhausted, the expenses are all gone, and the rest are the photos and the memories.

These beautiful things deserve a special home. The "Travel Diary" is this place. It may not be a good time to travel now, but it is an excellent time to organize travel meetings!

Project Introduction:Travel Diary

Project launch date:mid-2018
For groups:people who like to travel and like simple records
Objective:The application is also recommended by Apple many times during ongoing maintenance and update. It is an honor to be invited to participate in the WWDR Developer Relations Product Exchange Conference. For travel diaries, Apple experts have given many detailed optimization suggestions to benefit Great, follow-up will be updated according to this, and strive to make this product better!

Quick questions and quick answers

Q:SINO Technical Editor:@
A: Curry luya

Q:How to define "independent developer"?

A:Design, develop and maintain a certain project by yourself.

Q:Why did you choose to become an independent developer?

A:I ca n t find anything I need, so I ll do it myself.

Q:What difficulties have you encountered during the independent development process? What is the hardest thing to fix?

A:As far as I am concerned, the most difficult thing is time, because I am still working and it is too late to work. At present, I use the weekend time to make my own products. The time is not enough. It took a year and a half for a version to go online, which was really difficult.

Q:Recommend your favorite product/game/app? And explain why

A:I like JSBox, the independent work of Mr. Zhong, who knows who uses it.

Q:Share your technology stack?

A:I can't talk about the technology stack, so far I am just doing iOS application development.

Q:Share your daily workflow?

A:Work normally on weekdays, and work and rest on weekends are the same as workdays, which is equivalent to working from home, except that you make your own products

Q:Daily hobbies

A:Occasionally take the time to open up black with friends, brush American drama on the way to commuting(personally I like American drama very much, I tried to make an application about this before, unfortunately died)

Workbench display

Recommendations for developers

I can only talk about my own experience, that is, if I need it, I will do it. Anyway, I am a loyal user of this product. Of course, this is a bit of interest. If you want to make money from the beginning, I think you need to do market research, feasibility analysis and so on.

And I feel that as a developer, you should maintain a learning heart. Even if the company abuses you thousands of times, you have to give yourself some time. I do n t think I should be a code farmer. Years old is a hurdle, which is true, but in fact the opportunity is reserved for those who are prepared. If these two products are successful, these users are my gains and affirmation to me.

Recommend yourself

My two small projects are relatively niche. The original intention of design and development is also to meet my own needs. If you like me and like small and beautiful mobile applications, which happen to be interested in my two applications, you can download and try Oh, if you have good suggestions, please feel free to harass me ~

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