11K Star in Gitee! You must know this permission management system for Spring Cloud

Posted May 27, 20202 min read

Everyone is familiar with SpringCloud. As a complete microservice solution, it is widely praised by Java developers. Today I will introduce you to a ace project on Gitee, based on SpringCloud's rights management system-Pig.

Project name: Pig

Project Author: pig4cloud.com

Open source license agreement: LGPL-3.0

Project address: https://gitee.com/log4j/pig

Project Description

  • RBAC authority management system based on Spring Cloud Hoxton, Spring Boot 2.3, OAuth2
  • Based on the concept of data-driven view to encapsulate element-ui, even if you do n t have the experience of using vue, you can get started quickly
  • Provide support for common containerization Docker, Kubernetes, Rancher2 support
  • Provide production practice of lambda, stream api, webflux

Project screenshot

Quickly structure microservice applications

<!-pig-gen archetype->

<groupId> com.pig4cloud.archetype </groupId>
<artifactId> pig-gen </artifactId>
<version> last.version </version>

Core dependencies

Module description

pig-ui- https://gitee.com/log4j/pig-ui

pig-auth-authorized service provider \ [3000 ]
pig-codegen-Graphical code generation \ [5002 ]
pig-common-system common module

     pig-common-core-core package for public tools
     pig-common-datasource-dynamic data source package
     pig-common-log-log service
     pig-common-mybatis-mybatis expansion package
     pig-common-security-security tools
     pig-common-swagger-interface documentation

pig-register-Nacos Server \ [8848 \]
pig-gateway-Spring Cloud Gateway \ [9999 \]
pig-monitor-Spring Boot Admin monitoring \ [5001 \]
pig-upms-General user rights management module

     pig-upms-api-common user rights management system public api module
     pig-upms-biz-General user authority management system business processing module \ [4000

For more information about the project, please go to the project homepage to take a look, do n t forget to give Star: https://gitee.com/log4j/pig