Focusing on five major scenarios, Tencent Security launched a "trusted city" blockchain solution

Posted May 25, 20201 min read

As the blockchain is officially included in the "new infrastructure" category, the blockchain as a new infrastructure in the digital economy era is ushering in new opportunities. Tencent took the lead in proposing the concept and thinking of the industrial blockchain, and is committed to the development of independent innovation of blockchain technology to help accelerate the integration of blockchain and industrial Internet development.

How can the blockchain technology under the new infrastructure be implemented in various industry scenarios? How to integrate other digital technologies to drive the development of the industrial Internet? Poke the picture below to understand the best practice of Tencent Security Leading TUSI Blockchain to develop industrial blockchain-"Trusted City" solution. ?
Blockchain 1.jpg
Blockchain 2.jpg
Blockchain 3.jpg
Blockchain 4.jpg
Blockchain 5.jpg
Blockchain 6.jpg