Go language advanced learning roadmap

Posted May 24, 20201 min read

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Since I started to learn the Go language last year, there has been no clear learning direction, but I have always followed the video learning. Although I have done derivative development projects, the technology used is also the tip of the iceberg in the Go language. I recently found it on Github. A Star's relatively high Go language learning growth roadmap, I found that what I learned is just an introduction. If you want to make a systematic progress, you must pursue high-efficiency quantitative changes in the most learning process to promote yourself to get a Measurable qualitative change, this is efficient learning.

Today, I will put this roadmap in Github here, make a Flag, and also make myself a gas station to check for gaps. As one of the most potential high-concurrency languages, I believe that the Go language will solve more scenarios in the future.

2019 Go language developer route

I forked the project myself, if you are interested, you can see the details ?.

Roadmap for becoming a Go developer in 2019. Ready for people who learn Go.