Teach you to build free graph bed tools in minutes

Posted Jun 16, 20203 min read

To put it simply, a picture bed is a place to store pictures on the network. The purpose is to save local server space, do one storage, reference multiple places, speed up the opening speed of pictures, Markdown document, build a blog, share pictures Wait, through the picture bed tool, you can quickly convert the picture into a link that is easier to share. It is important for improving the efficiency of work and communication. It is also important that the tool is stable, fast, and free. The map bed is not restricted by the network conditions, and the link can be stable regardless of upload or access


Drag and upload

Clipboard + shortcut upload

There is also a clipboard and url button upload to try yourself


github Free code hosting service platform

picgo Drawing bed tool

jsdelivr cdn acceleration

github configuration

1. Register on github and create a new project

2. Fill in the project information

3. Generate token

Open settings

Open Developer settings

After opening Personal access tokens, click Generate new token

Generate token, copy token

picGo configuration

Download and install

Detailed configuration

NOTE The step 6 CDN acceleration link in the figure is https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/gh

https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/gh/repository name

Configure the generated link format. After the upload is successful, you can copy the link to the corresponding picture in the album

In addition, you can set the upload shortcut keys and other configurations in PciGo settings

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