Basic knowledge of software testing (6)

Posted Jun 16, 20202 min read

This article, from the sixth angle, discusses the method of software testing. According to the organization of test implementation, it can be divided into:

  1. Alpha test
  2. Beta test
  3. Third party testing

1, test

The alpha test refers to a test conducted by inviting users to the developer s place, which can also be called internal test.

By definition, the test environment for alpha testing is built by the developer. Therefore, generally speaking, the built-in test environment has fewer interference factors and better relative performance.

At the same time, the number of users of the alpha test is relatively small, and the test is conducted at a uniform time. The purpose is to evaluate the function, localization, edibility, reliability, performance, etc. of the software product, and to check for gaps for the next public test.

Before the official public beta of WeChat red envelopes, internal employees were also invited as users to perform alpha tests on their functions.

2, test

Beta test refers to inviting some users to test in the real environment, which is the public test that is usually understood.

Unlike the alpha test, the developer cannot control the user environment in the beta test, and the number of users is too large to predict the user's usage time.

By collecting user feedback and network data, the operation team or data analysis team feeds back improvement suggestions to the development team, and optimizes and perfects software products in a targeted manner.

I am a fan of Xiaomi, so I follow MIUI news. Before each release of a stable version of MIUI, users can apply for a public beta to get the right to experience the new version of MIUI first. Xiaomi's development team then made improvements based on feedback from test users, and finally launched a stable version that was open to all Xiaomi users.

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3. Third-party testing

Third-party testing, an organizational test between the developer and the user, can be understood as outsourcing.

Common third-party tests, such as Tencent, Alibaba and other companies, directly outsource the testing of certain businesses to third parties; in addition, there are public testing and cloud testing platforms, which are also third-party testing.

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The alpha test and beta test are also a type of acceptance test, but the test object they accept is only the user.

The above is the content to be shared in this article, you are welcome to correct me. Your corrections will allow me to grow quickly on the test road.

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