Fu Kui: Ten years of safe road, a curiosity

Posted Jun 28, 20206 min read

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  • Introduction:Today s in-depth interview comes from our old friend, Alibaba Cloud MVP Fu Kui, No. 001. He has been in the field of information security for more than ten years, driving him to start a business and sticking to the original driving force today, even from a warm desire.

The following is a personal interview with Fu Kui, recommended reading(about 3 minutes).

By accidentally hitting the line, you can't put it down

As a student, I came across a magazine "Hacker Line of Defense" by accident. Since then, I have embarked on a road to safety. For more than ten years, I have practiced penetration, worked on products, done integration, sold services, and consulted. I have also directly confronted professional hackers and wool parties on the front lines of Internet e-commerce enterprises.)". My interest in the field of information security has never made me tired, and I never thought of giving up.

From the initial product manufacturer to the service provider, and then to the CTO, the advancement of this path actually stems from a sense of professional crisis. I will often think about my development in the next three to five years, whether I am still working in my present job, and whether I am willing to make some new attempts, so I continue to iterate on the premise of adhering to the general direction, and also accept changes and break through myself.

Entrepreneurship to do foggy intelligence is also a choice after careful thinking. I have accumulated a lot of professional experience from engineers to supervisors to business leaders. I have also seen many pain points in the industry. I have some ideas of my own, and I hope that there will be a world where I can let go. Many people think that the original driving force for entrepreneurship is the economic appeal, which is not true. Sometimes someone needs to take the initiative to shoulder the responsibility and mission in the industry. Personally, since I have discovered many areas in the security industry that can be improved, why not do it if we can improve the life happiness index of security practitioners by improving the existing working methods?


Enhancing the happiness of security personnel as a business mission

As we all know, the position of security personnel in the IT industry is quite special, and we need to be vigilant at all times and constantly seize the technical high ground. Attacks in the middle of the night and system alarms are commonplace. We must get up and deal with them as soon as possible... After experiencing such scenes countless times, I had a "small target" that changed the status quo of the industry.

I hope that by promoting human-computer collaboration and changing the working life style of practitioners, in the confrontation with the attackers, let us take one step forward and eventually improve everyone's happiness index. By improving human-computer collaboration and using automated orchestration, the system is more intelligent, replacing internal inefficient communication with accurate and rapid feedback, and no longer even waiting. After all, the system's dependence on safety practitioners is closely related to happiness.

At the current stage, my energy is mainly focused on the team, hoping to create a revolutionary security product, and let my own ideas and ideas be mapped to the solutions approved by the market. If you can make some voices at home and even in the world, it can be considered a contribution.

Try cross-border collaboration to achieve a better self

Based on the concept of doing things and curiosity about new things, I will also participate in some technical public welfare in my spare time to precipitate my experience. For example, I once participated in the technical support work of the China Sustainable Aquatic Database Project with several Alibaba Cloud MVP members. At first everyone didn't know each other, and after a few nail-breaking meetings, our cooperation was much tacit. The process of touching on new projects and fields is constantly improving your cognition. You will find that after learning from each other's tools, exchanging knowledge, and communicating and collaborating, people will learn and grow faster.

It was also discovered after my own experience that there were so many areas outside my personal scope of work. It turned out that many projects required safety, and people outside the circle often did not know what to do. In public welfare cooperation projects, each of us has our own expertise, we can share corrections with each other, some people guide the direction, some people provide knowledge, and some people repair vulnerabilities. Use different tools and languages from each other to contribute to the same thing. The products built in this environment and scene have a unique and warm influence on our technical people.

Fight against "Black Ash", and have fun and fun

The security industry has always received considerable attention due to its high-risk and sensitive characteristics. The confrontation with "black and gray production" once occupied a large proportion of my work. Everyone often sees cool pictures that block hackers in science fiction movies, which is my daily life. Wool parties have tried every means to scramble wool, and we will go all out to safeguard the interests of commercial users. Different from the work of ordinary programmers, fighting for wisdom and courage every day when you come and go and attack and defend, is actually something that makes people enjoy it.

Although it is easy and fun to say, but at the technical level, we have never dared to underestimate the enemy. In the early days of the rise of e-commerce, we faced daily attacks and faced great pressure on risk control. Many users worry about their accounts being stolen, causing information leaks or scams; merchants are worried about losses due to system bugs or wool party attacks, and are unable to determine whether the new team is trustworthy.

As the saying goes, the road is one foot tall, the magic is one foot tall. At first, we are trying to find a strategy with team members every day to protect the interests of users. But in many cases, there will also be times when the security risk control strategy conflicts with the operations of other teams. The pressure of internal questioning coexists with the pressure of external attacks, which has continued to frustrate, and once reached the point where one has to doubt oneself or even give up.

In the end, we were still under pressure and persevered in a difficult way. We organized everyone to discuss through various means, and even pulled in the business team to work together. The security cause itself is full of challenges to human nature. Occasionally, there are moments of dilemma. I will stick to my choice after a short struggle. Even if I am not understood or even criticized in the short term, my principles cannot be touched. The decision at a critical moment can only see your persistence in values. Adhering to this belief, after half a year's growth of the risk control team, our achievements have also been witnessed by everyone, and finally won recognition.

The work process is always carried out in tension and wit and courage, usually I also relax myself through meditation and listening to drama. Of course, if I can have a free time, I hope to spend more time with my family. I hope that after my "small goal" is achieved in the future, everyone will have the opportunity to experience the joy of artificial intelligence liberating productivity.

In the conversation with Fu Kui, he will mention the original intention of improving the happiness index of the safety industry from time to time. I have seen many developers who are aiming at technological innovation, but they rarely meet a science and technology man who is ideal for improving happiness. He called himself an avid fan of information security. Use technology to change the world And every Aliyun MVP has been drinking ice for ten years.


I want to become Alibaba Cloud MVP

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