The health problems of programmers are finally saved, and a senior programmer wrote this "Programmer Health Guide"!

Posted Jun 15, 20205 min read

Recently, Huang Xiaoxie found some books about programmer health on the Internet for my friends. I did not expect that I actually found a book. It seems that foreign programmers are as concerned about health as Chinese.

This book is a health guide tailored for programmers. It briefly introduces the causes, test methods, and lists daily action plans for common problems such as headaches, eye fatigue, back pain, and wrist pain. Give detailed guidance in sports, diet, etc. to help programmers easily have health without changing the way they work.

This book is suitable for programmers, other people working at the desk for a long time, and all those who care about health.

About the Author

Joe Kutner

A senior programmer from athletes and fitness coaches, lives in Huntsville, Rocket, USA. Joe has been engaged in software development for more than ten years, and his professional specialties include Ruby, Java and iOS. He has served internationally renowned companies such as IBM, and worked in startups. Now he is an independent Ruby developer. He not only builds Ruby and JRuby applications for companies of all sizes, but also contributes code to many open source projects. Including TorqueBox and Warbler.

I don t know when the programmer has counterattacked to become synonymous with Gao Fushuai.

Say that programmer is a cock wire profession? low status?

Bill Gates, Zuckerberg, programmer; Ma Huateng, Li Yanhong, Zhang Xiaolong, programmer! This is an era where programmers can change the world!

Say programmers are code farmers? Live more and less money?

After working for 3-5 years, more than 90%of programmers have reached a monthly salary of 10,000+, and more than 1/6 of the group even reached an annual salary of 300,000-500,000. Envy or not?

(Data source:Programmer's Inn/Rare Earth Nuggets)

But working hard and working hard is a real thing for programmers.

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Sitting overtime, poor health

If you are a programmer, then I am happy to tell you:"You will have an indissoluble bond with overtime work. No matter it is painful or sick, it will remain inseparable and depend on life and death."

A set of data in the "2018 Chinese Programmer Research Report"(hereinafter referred to as the report) shows that over 30%of programmers work more than 50 hours a week.

Generally speaking, there are two cases of programmers working overtime:

  1. Company requirements, boss requirements, project requirements. The code is not finished, the bug is not finished, and the product is about to go online, you said you can work overtime? Some people even ridiculed that every day on time to wait for getting fired~

This situation is very common. What's new is that programmers are now willing to break their weekly working hours record, purely because of fun.

  1. Love for the IT industry and professional anxiety.

An article on the CSDN website attracted the attention of nearly ten thousand people. The article mentions that programmers are suffering from a kind of "liar syndrome". People with this symptom usually find that all programmers working together are smarter and more talented than themselves.

They think they need to work harder to be good enough, which means that they have to spend more time to learn, undertake more project development, and even take the rest time that is already very small.

Whether passively accepting or actively learning, the final result may be only one:physical health problems.

Compared with other professional groups, programmers' health is not optimistic. The report shows that 63.3%of the interviewed programmers currently have some sub-health symptoms, ranking first among all industries.

In terms of knowledge, a question about programmers' occupational diseases is being watched by more than 400,000 people. Among them, the cervical and lumbar spine has become the required answer. why?

Sit too long!

Due to the nature of work, programmers have to deal with computers every day. Long-term sitting and incorrect sitting postures cause programmers' cervical and lumbar spine to be generally bad!

A group of research data of rehabilitation medicine shows that compared with the standing position, the lumbar spine is stressed by 270%when sitting forward.

While sitting for a long time, it must be accompanied by bowing, which puts heavy pressure on the cervical spine.

Sedentary lack of exercise will undoubtedly increase the chance of obesity. The report shows that among the programmers' health problems, cervical spondylosis and overweight are among the top three.

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