HandyControl: Rewrite the native style, WPF control library containing more than 70 custom controls

Posted Jun 28, 20202 min read

Gitee has introduced a high-quality WPF control library to everyone before, which has been welcomed by many C# developers, which shows that the base of Windows developers is still very high. What I recommend to you today is another WPF control library that is very popular on Gitee.

Project name:HandyControl

Project Author: HandyOrg

Open source license agreement:MIT

Project address: https://gitee.com/handyorg/HandyControl

Project Description

HandyControl is a set of WPF control library, it rewrites almost all native styles, and contains more than 70 custom controls(are gradually increasing).

Project example(partial display)

Introduction to the project structure

the whole frame

After cloning the source code from Gitee, enter the src folder, the folder structure is as follows:

There are a total of 4 solution sln files.

Net_GE45 means that the .Net version is greater than or equal to 4.5

Shared folder is used to store the code of shared items

The five folders in the figure each contain two subfolders, for example, two subfolders in Shared:

They store control source code and control example source code respectively.

Source structure

We use HandyControl.sln as an example to illustrate, and use VS2019 to open the solution:

If you want to start the example and check the effect of the control, please use HandyControlDemo_[specified project type]as the startup item.

As shown in the figure, HandyControlDemo_Net_GE45 has been used as the startup item.

Most of the public source code is in the Shared folder, and some codes that need to be customized for specific project types are put into their respective folders.

HandyControl source code(mainly in HandyControl_Shared) mainly contains 7 folders, their descriptions are shown in the following table:

Compile the source code

Open HandyControl.sln, select the specified environment to compile in the drop-down box of solution configuration:

Please pay attention to confirm whether your development environment meets the requirements before compilation. For a more detailed project introduction, you can click the link below to go to the project homepage to view: https://gitee.com/handyorg/HandyControl