The story of 28-year-old wealth free after retirement to go to Japan to run a hotel seems not so beautiful

Posted Jun 16, 20204 min read

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At the age of 28, he achieved freedom of wealth and retired to open a hotel as a writer. This is not a story in a novel or a TV series, it really happened to Guo Yu, a former byte-beating employee.

After the college entrance examination in 2008, in order to build a website for the club founded in high school, he downloaded a compressed package called phpwind and began his career as a programmer. Then he was admitted to the political and administrative major of Jinan University because he felt that the university Life is too sad, he writes code in the dormitory every day.

Because of this, he got the internship opportunity of Alipay in his junior year, and officially joined Alipay after graduation. This is three years. After he came to Beijing from Hangzhou, he joined Beijing Encyclopedia of Encyclopedia, and the company was quickly acquired by byte beating, and Guo Yu also entered byte beating.

Knowing that netizens guess:

ByteDance's mid-year 13-year B-round financing of US$10 million, with a post-investment valuation of US$60 million, and June 2014 round C financing of US$100 million, with a post-investment valuation of US$500 million.

Byte is now valued at US$100 billion. As an employee with 3 years of work experience in a large factory, Guo Guo jumped into ByteDance. At that time, the options allocated were at least 500,000 RMB, and he was given 60 million or 500 million US dollars. The company estimates The value has increased by 200-1666 times, the dilution of repeated financing options is about 0.5, and the value of this part of options is currently about 0.5-4 billion yuan.

But Guo Yu himself also publicly disclosed:

I held Tencent stock for 6 years, and then slowly cleared it and then bought Meituan, Pinduoduo and other stocks. I also invested in multiple properties in Japan, and now I can get stable real estate income. These incomes can support me to complete the "To do list" of my life in the next time.

It can be seen that Guo Yu's wealth freedom comes from many sources. After obtaining huge wealth, he chose to retire at the age of 28, become a writer and go to Japan to open a hotel.

Looking back at Guo Yu's life history, we find that he has not only luck but also the ability to seize opportunities.

  1. Shenzhen Middle School(05-08), after the college entrance examination, began to learn to write code;

  2. Jinan University(08-12), majoring in politics and administration, do not attend classes, continue to learn to write code;

  3. Alipay(11-13), junior got Alipay internship offer, internship and stay;

  4. Encyclopedia of Things(13-14), from Hangzhou to Beijing, the startup company was acquired by Byte and packaged into Byte Beat;

  5. ByteDance(14-20), this is the key to Guo's financial freedom at the age of 28 and his retirement from the profession of programmer.

Event reversal

After listening to the above story, do you feel that you are out of luck? Or regret yourself for not working hard? But the editor has discovered a few doubts in the story!

Doubtful point one hundred

Things really seem to be a bit different from the online rumors, and Baibai was not acquired by ByteDance. According to the official introduction of Baibai, in November 2014, "Baike Encyclopedia" received a 500W USD round of funding from Li Kaifu's Innovation Workshop. There was no mention of byte jumps in the content.

Guo Yu Incident

The editor checked the company and found that the first largest shareholder of the actual controller of Baibai was Wang Jian, and the second largest shareholder was Beijing Innovation Ark Technology Co., Ltd., and did not see the byte beating.

Guo Yu Incident

Ge Bai(Wang Jian), the founder of Ai Bai, also publicly responded:"Ai Bai has been operating independently and has never been acquired."

Guo Yu Incident

Doubtful point 2 Personal information

At the age of 28, he should have been born in 1992. According to his resume, he went to college in 08-12, which means Guo Yu was a freshman at the age of 16, and graduated from college at the age of 20. Of course, this is not impossible, but it is possible that he falsely reported his age.

It is also known that netizens broke the news:"People have fakes"

Guo Yu Incident

Guo Yu Incident

Doubt point three The problem is suspected of being operated

Three months after this question was asked, it was suddenly edited by the big V in the early morning without anyone answering it, and then it was included in the hot list at one o'clock.

Guo Yu Incident

There are still many doubts that I will not list here. For example, a colleague Guo Yu reported that his writing and operating a hotel are just for fun.

Guo Yu Incident

According to the editor s guess, Guo Yu does have some people, but many of his life experiences are exaggerated, and the reason for the exaggeration seems to point to the hype of the hotel. Some friends around the editor also understand that Guo Yu has suffered an epidemic in the Japanese hotel The impact is somewhat lossy, and it is not difficult to find an article on the Internet that looks like a soft article that attracts customers.

As for what kind of attitude we should take to treat similar incidents of Guo Yu, you can take a look at the answer of this question when an employee asked this question when Zhang Yiming, the CEO of Byte Global, faced all the employees this morning.

Zhang Yiming replied:It's not important, and I don't know her either. I don't need to ask this question.

No matter whether Guo Yu is a lucky person or a "scrambled author", his story can't be easily copied. The best choice for us ordinary people is to do things in a down-to-earth manner.

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