Small program flow cashing series-E-commerce shopping guide cashing

Posted May 26, 20203 min read

Today, I finally made time to start writing articles related to small programs. I had promised that my group of friends would write down the small program e-commerce monetization model. Today I will summarize how to use mainstream e-commerce platforms in the small program ecosystem. Earn commissions and provide a new way to monetize your products in the case of poor advertising.


Taobao Alliance was formerly known as Ali's mother, and belongs to an online advertising trading platform under Ali. Taobao is a promoter who joined the Taobao alliance, which was later renamed Taobao. Taobao is a promotion model based on transaction billing. It also refers to a group of people who earn income through promotion. Taobao customers only need to obtain the product code from the affiliate platform, and any buyer(including himself) enters the Taobao seller's store through your promotion(community, public account, applet, etc.) to complete the purchase, and the seller will receive the commission paid by the seller. Simply put, Taobaoke refers to people who help sellers promote products and earn commissions.

In today's high-speed mobile Internet era, the e-commerce industry is not the only one of Ali. It also has, a large number of e-commerce platforms such as Pinduoduo, and of course there are Vipshop,, and Mushroom Street. Is equally biased towards platforms in the field of vertical e-commerce. These e-commerce platforms have made similar platforms according to the Taobao alliance, so now Taobao customers are more widely defined.

As long as there is traffic, there is an e-commerce, so we can choose to access our own small program products in the e-commerce platform above, and obtain commission income by promoting products. The first article today mainly introduces the Internet Mainstream e-commerce platform relationship and registration process entrance.

Official Platform Alliance

Ordinary users may use the official websites and official APPs of major e-commerce platforms most, but I do n t know that basically each e-commerce platform has its own alliance platform, and new e-commerce products are extended on the alliance platform.(The general thrust is:self-purchase to save money, share to make money)

Ordinary users without technical ability can basically get great discounts through these alliance products. Even if they have a certain number of fans or users, they can earn some money by promoting the promotion links. The following figure lists each e-commerce platform alliance and corresponding applications.

Official open platform

The above is for ordinary users, then individuals, teams, companies, and e-commerce platforms with development functions will also provide corresponding open platforms. Generally, open platforms will provide relevant API interfaces for individuals or teams with technical capabilities. The function is basically the same as the alliance website or APP. Some advanced interfaces require application or company level to use. Some even have daily activities or account level restrictions.

In summary, there are generally three product platforms for an e-commerce platform:the official website-alliance-open platform, and they are account data is open. Generally, the data generated on the open platform interface can be viewed on the alliance, so we usually The data can be viewed on the official website of the alliance or the alliance APP, but to connect the technology development, an open platform is required.

General registration process:first register and authenticate an alliance account. After the authentication, you need to register an application review on the platform. After the review is passed, you can register an account with the corresponding open platform(some platforms are connected, you can directly link to the past), and Use the relevant Appid and Appsecret of the application to call the open platform related interface.

Official effect data

After the general access is complete, click on the promoted link to see the relevant clicks on the corresponding official alliance background. Even if the access is successful, subsequent users will see the relevant number of orders, commissions, and estimated revenue. data.

to sum up

The above mainly explains the relationship and registration between major e-commerce platforms. The following series of articles will explain in detail the process of docking each e-commerce platform and the problems that may be encountered during the docking process, such as how to jump to Procedures, spelling a lot of small programs, etc. ~